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In Remembrance

MCDSA Life and Annual Members

BACON, Maj.  Allen
BOYD, CWO-4  D. I.
BREWSTER, GySgt.  Bill
CULVER, Maj.  Dick
ELLISON, MSgt.  Richard W.
ENGLAND, MSgt.  Eric R.
ERDMAN, Col.  Ken
FOLSOM, Maj.  Charles A.
GOLLER, CWO-4  Robert L.
LANDRY, MSgt.  Kernis M.
McMILLAN, LtCol.  W. W.
MILLER, GySgt.  Jim
REYNOLDS, LtCol.  Charles A.
WEST, MGySgt.  Roland E.
WINCENTSEN, Maj.  Bruce M.
YORK, CWO-4  W. E.
ZAMMETTI, MSgt.  Richard
ZULEGER, MGySgt.  Vernon E.

Honorary, Auxiliary, and, those Beloved Family Members Actively Involved with the MCDSA

Josephine Ann Kruk
A. C. Webster